Freshwater Biome

PLACES-The places where the biome are located everywhere in the world, although the freshwater biome is located in streams, ponds,and wetlands. All this freshwater is also located in out drinking water.czcs_avhrr_biosphere.jpg Animals- The animals in the freshwater biome is algae, trount,salmon,bass,heron,manatee,otters, and beaver.

CLIMATE- The climate is tempature varies in ponds and lakes seasonally. The temps could be 4 Degrees near the bottom to 22 Degrees at the top. The winter temps would be 4 degrees c while at the top 0 degrees c.IMG_4383.JPG

UNIQUE GEO FEATURES- Biomes oragainze biological communications of the earth based on similar in donimant vegeation, climate, geographic location and other characterics.Precipation tempature and water depth have strong influence on traits of species that live there.


Challenges/issues your biome faces- The issues faced are sewage is estimated that more than 90 percent of sewage is discharged directly into rivers, lakes, and coastal waters without treatment of any kind.

- The health problems that are faced in the freshwater biome are sanitation problems,poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability, private sector-led growth, participatory development and bad governance.

- The waste water and storm water are managing waste water to avoid further degradation of the environment, particularly the freshwater resource.

- The pollution is in lakes and reservoirs have special characteristics due to their nature and dynamics that make them to be vulnerable to pollution.